Kartz’s PR Insight

Look for specific media that matches your product/service through the internet and develop media contacts with the staff working there.

While television has influence toward the Japanese public, it is a far cry for overseas markets especially those of the US and Asia.

Television, newspaper, and radio have minimum influence on people ages 10 to 30. In contrast, web media and smartphone-based media are becoming more influential.

One research said that Japanese teen, age 10 to 20 use their time for social media. Web media, especially socially media, have increasingly higher influence all over the world.

Therefore, inevitably we must approach both web and social media if we target the overseas market.

It is important to reach journalists and writers who are working for media through It is important to reach journalists and writers in media by sending press releases and approach influencers.

Although it is essential to have good relations with people in media, it is also difficult to do so. It is not only hard to acquaint yourselves with them, it is also difficult to get the contact info of overseas journalists and writers. One way to approach people in media is by using online social platforms like LinkedIn.

To communicate with local people in their language is equally indispensable.

Before sending your press release, it is important to conduct research on the relevant media which may match your product, as well as the industry you are engaging in. Then send your press release to your targeted media.

Videos and images can transcend words. Sending video and image content can raise the chances of getting picked up by the media.

It is easier to capture the attention of journalists and writers with something eccentric, eye-catching and interesting.

Likewise, something that is unique to Japan will be more eye catching and will easily get the attention of the public.