As a news program director, he was involved in a wide range of activities including research, reporting, and editing of information on numerous incidents, politics, and trends, laying the foundation for information gathering and dissemination. He established Kartz Media Works, Inc. focusing on strategic PR and digital marketing, and he is the author of five books including Google Marketing Illustrated, Cloud Information Organizing Techniques, and New Web Marketing Handbook.


Takanori was in charge of the promotion of Forever21 when it launched in Japan as well as Honda amusement facilities. In 2011, he joined CyberAgent, where he launched a web PR business and managed multiple media outlets as well as promoting the use of new media such as LINE, MERY and SmartNews. In 2019, he was appointed to his current position. He is currently engaged in strategic PR and digital marketing strategy planning for companies.


Natsuki completed her public relations degree in the United States. After working for a consulting firm within the Softbank Group as well as a strategic PR firm, she joined Kartz Media Works where she works as a PR planner providing strategic PR and media consultation for domestic and international clients including luxury brands and exhibition events.


After studying abroad in Toronto, Canada, Ryuki worked for PR agencies where he was in charge of PR events and gaming accounts. He has also worked in ventures launching new businesses, directed web production, and produced content for web media and radio.


Rena studied abroad in San Diego, California, and after returning to Japan, she studied business, marketing, and international affairs in English at a vocational school for two years where she developed and presented plans for various fields such as tourism, gender issues, and food waste. After joining Kartz, she has gained PR experience through her relations and the brands she works with. .


Kayako studied English at NIC International College in Japan. She then majored in video production at Santa Rosa Junior College in California, USA. After returning to Japan, she worked as an AD for an information program, where she gained knowledge of media and the perspective of news reporting. Currently, she is in charge of domestic and international projects where she utilizes her English and media experience.


After graduating from the University of Alberta, Canada with a degree in Economics, he joined a Hong Kong TV station. After learning the know-hows of TV content production, he joined Kartz Media Works as a director of overseas PR and digital marketing.


Yukiwo has been working in PR since university and has been in charge of agency accounts since then. He has experience in product and event PR. He also has freelance experience in advertising agencies. Engaged in the management of a hotel that was a client at the time. Since joining Kartz, he has been engaged in both domestic and international PR projects.


Atsushi has worked for an advertising agency known for being one of few in Japan specializing in copywriting. He was involved in the creation and sales of media for municipalities and private facilities. In 2016, he joined Kartz Media Works where he supports the PR activities of companies in a wide range of industries from start-ups to stock listed companies, including IT, marketing, food and beverage, and electronic products. He is currently the manager of the domestic PR department.


After graduating from the School of Business Administration at Meiji University, she joined Sompo Japan. Since joining Kartz, she has been involved in product and service PR for a variety of industries, including beauty, hotel/hospitality, and food/beverage. In addition to gathering daily trends and information in her PR consulting work to make planning proposals, she has a wide range of responsibilities including PR events and building media relations in TV, magazines, and web media for her clients.


Chinatsu has experience in the communications for beauty and cosmetic brands. Since joining Kartz, she has acted as a PR director leading the projects of various clients ranging product PR, corporate PR for stock listed companies and start-ups. She has experience in IT, real estate, beauty/cosmetics, and food/beveage..


After studying media at Sophia University, she joined an insurance company where she was in charge of negotiating settlements for automobile accidents and worked there for three years before joining Kartz. Currently, she is involved in a wide range of activities such as managing social media pages, producing TV dramas, and managing and appearing in the Kartz in-house series, PR Style.


After graduating from the Graduate Institute of Social Informatics, Yukihiro has conducted research on scandals in the sports world. He has also worked as a full-time intern to support companies in revitalizing their internal communications and managed the planning and production of internal company newsletters, employee introduction videos, company general meetings, and anniversary events. He later joined Kartz and has been in charge of PR accounts.


Kohei majored in graphic design at Osaka University of Arts. After working for a production company and an advertising agency, he became interested in infographics and joined Kartz. He has been involved in the production of more than 300 infographics for major corporations, government agencies, and schools. He has also given lectures at schools and other institutions where he utilizes his knowledge of infographics.


Kazuyuki has an agency background in advertising and sales promotion for major sporting goods and mass retailers. He continues to expand his experience through his professional affiliations and has endeavors in data design and content development.


Coming from Taiwan, after graduating from the Graduate School of Tokyo Zokei University, Chuang acquired the skills to visualize and output information in an easy-to-understand manner through her experience designing business proposals for public services and public facilities which she has been utilizing in Kartz.


Yukiho graduated from Toyo University with a degree in Japanese Literature and Culture. After working for six years as a book and magazine editor at an editing production company that produced practical books and monthly magazine and a year of experience in product planning and production progress at a variety goods manufacturer, she joined Kartz Media Works as a director, directing web content, creating and managing SNS content, and occasionally editing books.


Hiromi is the head secretary at Kartz. She is one of the founding members of and has been supporting the teams in many aspects since the start of the company.


Takuya has studied production and management in a wide range of culture and arts including visual media. While still a student, he worked in the production department of the film “I Hate Jesus,” which won awards at the 66th San Sebastian International Film Festival and other festivals. After that, he worked as a video editor for an entertainment YouTuber with 1.2 million subscribers at the time, managed an educational YouTube channel, and produced music videos for a filmmaker before joining Kartz Media Works, Inc.