Matsumotokiyoshi is a nationwide drugstore chain and seller of cosmetics, miscellaneous goods, food, and other articles in Japan. Prior to the launch of its new store for its new business line “Beauty U” in Ginza, it was necessary to increase the brand awareness and news value of the brand while also considering that Matsumotokiyoshi was not originally a “beauty” brand and also the competition of other domestic and international brands opening stores in Ginza at that time.


Kartz took part in the planning of the opening ceremony for the new store which included a tape-cutting event along with greetings from the company CEO. We provided exclusive previews of the store to business and women’s media. 

Additionally, we offered various beauty influencers and famous makeup artists to endorse the brand by attending the event and by posting about it through their social media to help raise the “beauty brand” image.


The brand was later picked up and featured by 5 TV programs and multiple web media outlets which led to raising its brand awareness among general consumers. Beauty U was also then firmly established as a true beauty brand.