Back in 2011, cloud services were starting to penetrate BtoB businesses throughout Japan. However, awareness and knowledge regarding the techonology were limited. During its establishment stage in Japan, AWS reached out to Kartz hoping to increase its exposure and overall awareness of AWS as a service.


Unlike other countries, television remains one of the top most influential media as more than 60% of Japanese people watch TV on a daily basis. It has a greater impact on marketing than viral media, social networks, and the web as a whole. However, exposure for AWS’s cloud services were not a good match for television programs as it is not visible as a physical service. To solve this problem, we co-related the trending keyword “IoT” at the time and created a media pitch deck which covers details of AWS and all possible story angles suitable for television. As a result we successfully secured a feature for AWS on NHK showcasing AWS’s impact on agriculture and food businesses through IoT.